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Accessing the Power in Your Face Meditation

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Your face shows how you lived, your talents and challenges, and possibilities for your future. There are energies that are held in each area, some can enhance your life or be blocks for you. You can access it or release blockages with “Accessing The Power In Your Face Meditation.” Heck, you may even release wrinkles! You will create a beautiful loving life for yourself with this meditation.

I found Chinese Face Reading in 2015 studying from Jean Haner. Learning the meaning of my face features was like discovering my “super-powers.” I combined this with my studies of energy, clearings, frequencies, music therapy, and Chinese medicine for a powerful spiritual tool to clear and manifest a life more authentic for you. Connecting to the Light, using the Light, and becoming the frequencies of Love, Peace, Joy, Faith, Trust, and Hope will naturally change you and it will show up on your face!

There are layers of sounds to awaken energies in this meditation. It will clear and transmute your environment, you and the people around you. The more you listen to it, the more your soul will pick up on it and use the tools. It is most effective if you play it when you are in that half dream/awake state upon awakening. Play it when you are getting ready, in the car as you drive, while you work, before going to bed. You can also make it part of a ritual.

Your journey can start TODAY, weather it be doing the meditation or just playing it in the background. The sooner you start, the sooner positive changes can show up for you. The journey of 1000 miles starts with one small step. My music producer Trevor and I are happy to take this step with you, co-create with you. Feel free to let us know how it makes you feel and the magic that manifests. Your story could lift someone else, allowing them to see the light again, feeling love, hope, faith, joy, and trust. If you are not completely satisfied with this, we will gladly refund your money. 

I want you to know how beautiful you are inside and out. "Accessing the Power in Your Face" will help you achieve a more successful and authentic life almost effortless. You are imperfectly perfect and life is in divine order. 

Sending you LoVe, PeAce, and JoY

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